From the Students

  • The atmosphere of inclusivity.  (This is from a junior who moved here this year)
  • It does care about education.
  • Nice people.
  • Small school, everyone knows each other.
  • One of the best things about our school is the community, we can come together when needed to help each other.
  • The best thing about EWG is the teachers.
  • It has a small and close-knit community that is easy to fit into.
  • I like that I know everyone because we are so small.
  • I feel safe and can be heard if I have a concern or idea.
  • Beyond fantastic Fine and Applied Arts department.
  • Small community where people know everyone.
  • I like how everyone knows each other. They’re generally nice.
  • The Arts programs are very good. (Band, drama, art, foods, etc.)
  • The community and respect everyone has for each other.
  • Teachers genuinely care about their students and don’t just set us up to fail.
  • The best thing about EWG is the computer classes.
  • Small community and more close-knit experience.
  • The ability to change courses and have teachers and classes adapt to help students the best they can.
  • Our teachers are enthusiastic and passionate about their subjects.
  • Our school is small which allows for mostly small classes which feel personalized.
  • What is unique about EWG is its small, close-knit community feel.
  • The diverse curriculum.
  • The ability to have student parking.
  • The best thing about EWG is the community.
  • The people we’re surrounded by.
  • I think that the teachers embody the best of EWG, respect and love for what they do shows through them.. Also all the staff are caring and willing to help.
  • I like the sports and people in them.
  • The best thing about EWG is the people and the community we live in.
  • The best thing about our school is how every teacher wants to see you succeed.
  • EWG football is coming back. Also, the school is full of fun learning.
  • I like the vending machines.
  • I love how every student gets a hands on learning experience from each teacher.
  • The best thing about EWG is the variety of sports programs.
  • Supportive and caring teachers and staff.
  • The school is small so individuals who are particularly motivated can stand out and access unique opportunities.
  • The art classes are really good.

From the Community

  • I don’t know if you remember my daughter... who graduated from EWG in 2014. She was very involved with the school and especially took an interest in film… My daughter has continued to excel and I believe it is in part to how her high school experience prepared her for the future. After graduating from the School of Visual Arts in NYC, [she] worked on a documentary series for Showtime which will be shown at Sundance this year. She will be attending the festival as a contributor. Currently, she is working for American Pickers as a post-production assistant… It takes a village as they say, and I firmly believe that the teachers and staff at Exeter West Greenwich were an important part of her village. Thank you so much for everything
  • I am proud my children attended and still attend EWG because of the support and growth they encountered at the school. I feel the school is very student oriented and provides an excellent education and extracurricular activities to promote well rounded students.
  • Small class sizes and Personal attention from the dedicated teachers.  Going to the Bahamas to study Sea Turtles was the highlight of my daughter's senior year, made possible by science teacher Gwynne Millar.
  • The academic level of achievement of the students at this school is quite high, which is a direct indication of the caliber of the teachers there.
  • The teachers all go above and beyond to help students by staying after school, holding workshops, and giving individual attention to make sure all kids have the opportunity to learn.
  • The class size is small allowing for strong 1:1 support as needed. The students genuinely care for each other and are integral to the success of their classmates. It is a nurturing environment.

From The Staff

  • I am proud to teach at EWG. My students are kind to one another, engaged, respectful, and say thank you on their way out of class each day. I am truly spoiled and would not want to teach in any other district!
  • When I try to describe the kind of school that EWG is, I realize how lucky I am to work here. High school students have a bad reputation out in the world- that’s not the case here. I genuinely love and respect our kids. They are amazing, and inspire me in my own life... A RISD graduate and EWG alumnus told me: "You didn't just open doors, which you did, you showed me doors I didn't know existed." I think this is indicative of how much we as teachers WANT our kids to succeed, we take risks to try new things and expand students' experiences. Each learner is UNIQUE- a new puzzle
  • EWG is not like any other school I’ve worked in. The school has a close-knit community and people actually care about each other…. We try to stay at the forefront of Technology and we do a pretty good job of maintaining high performance of our devices and networks. The district is committed to integrating technology in ways that transform education and we make regular investments in equipment and infrastructure. We’re actually rolling out a 10 Gig connection to I2 for next year… You would never guess that the campus is 30 years old as it’s very well maintained.