Mr. Charest just shared this great news with everyone!!

On Monday, November 25, ten of our high school band students will travel to Plymouth, NH to participate in the All New England Band.  We found out earlier this week that of the ten EWG students accepted to the ensemble, FIVE of them have been named Principal Players of their sections!  If you're unfamiliar with the terminology, a principal player is the leader of the section and takes any or all solos designated in the music.  It's a great honor to be a principal player, and these students should be congratulated:

Caroline Sirr, Principal Flute
Aidan Thompson, Principal Clarinet
Alex Jedson, Principal Alto Saxophone
Hannah Rae, Principal Horn
Lauren Boss, Principal Trombone

EWG has never had a student named as a principal player at this festival, and to have so many in one year can only underscore how hard working and talented these students (and all our music students) truly are.  

Congrats to Mr. Charest, our students and the families that support them! So Proud!!